« Europe’s road to growth »

The « Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge » programme has been nominated as one of Europe’s 100 digital pioneers.

The « Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge » programme  from Luxembourg has been recognised by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policy makers as one of 100 digital pioneers in Europe. It has been selected for its efforts in the fields of technological innovation and digital skills. Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge has been included in a special report from the Financial Times, Europe’s Road to Growth: ​https://www.ft.com/reports/europe-road-to-growth

The « Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge », programme, launched by the Luxembourg Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy aims to support companies – of any size – and their employees, whose activities will be radically transformed by a major digital and/or technological transformation towards a new organisation of work, new jobs and new required skills within the company. The programme emphasises the importance of a proactive and preventive strategy regarding companies’ and employees’ skills development in order to secure career paths in a sustainable way.

The achievement was celebrated at an event at Google’s Digital Atelier in Brussels, where EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel congratulated all the winners, alongside with M​att Brittin, President ​of Business & Operations for Google Europe, Middle East, & Africa.